What We Do

A Mother’s Hope will provide safe shelter for up to eight pregnant homeless women and their babies. Homeless pregnant women will come to A Mother’s Hope looking for a place to meet their physical needs of safety, food, and shelter. And although we will provide these things, we will offer much more. We will provide a home with practices and principles grounded in Christian love. We will provide opportunities for residents to make positive changes in their spiritual, mental, and physical lives. Residents may remain at A Mother’s Hope for up to one year after the birth of their baby. At A Mother’s Hope, we recognize that each resident will be unique in her life experiences and circumstances that led her to become homeless. We will help residents define and strive for their own individual versions of success.


Admissions Criteria for Residents of A Mother’s Hope:

• pregnant

• homeless or at risk of homelessness

• willing to follow the rules and structure of A Mother’s Hope

• willing to participate in A Mother’s Hope Program

• committed to living drug, alcohol, and tobacco-free

• income at or below 150% of the Federal Poverty Level


Program Areas


Shelter: We will provide shelter for residents and assist them with obtaining shelter for after completion of the program.


Health of Mother and Baby: We will assist residents with obtaining health insurance, finding a doctor, attending prenatal appointments, nutrition, safe sleep education, mental health support, addiction services referrals and other medical referrals as needed.


Support/Spiritual: Residents will participate in individual and group counseling while at A Mother’s Hope. We will support each resident in her goals for the future. Each resident will be encouraged to create a faith goal.


Education: We will assist residents with earning their HSE. We will assist residents with obtaining the education or training that is needed to meet their employment goals.

Employment: We will assist, support, and guide residents with plans to secure and maintain adequate employment.


H.O.P.E Program (Life Skills): We will provide opportunities for residents to learn the necessary life skills to care for herself and her family (HOPE: How to Outfit Prepare and Empower)


Our program is designed to support and guide each mother through her process of obtaining adequate shelter, maintaining maternal and child health, meeting educational/employment goals, building her support network, and building on necessary life skills. We want to have healthy moms and healthy babies at AMH! This occurs by helping residents find new hope for the future, wrapping as much support around them as possible, and helping them recognize that they are worth the effort.


Sadly, without A Mother’s Hope, there is no place for pregnant homeless women to go where their unique needs will be met. And often there is no place to refer these women simply for safe shelter due to the large numbers of women needing shelter in our community. A Mother’s Hope will be the missing puzzle piece of services for homeless pregnant women in Fort Wayne.